New technologies are key facets of our EVERYDAY LIVES, our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS and our future opportunities, and technology in education has accelerated faster than we have anticipated, leaving little time for society to fully EMBRACE IT.

—— 20% of people on the planet have to choose between food or education.

Unfortunately, our rapidly changing technological world is not equally and equitably distributed.
Unfortunately, our rapidly changing technological world is not equally and equitably distributed. Globally some people have to choose between food or education. This means that they either survive today or learn for tomorrow. For the rest of us, having to make such a choice is unimaginable. Inequality in education is an undisputed fact all around the world and, at EDT&Partners, we are committed to helping close the gap.

EDT&Partners thinks differently about knowledge, innovation and consulting. Through our work, we strive to positively impact both education and the overall well-being of the planet. We think of innovation and knowledge as the fuel for transformation. We are, therefore, convinced that each and every stakeholder in the education value chain must be accountable for advancing Sustainable Development Goals. If we all play our part, then the world will change faster and gradually develop more fairly and equitably.

We look forward to a future when vulnerable, ill-resourced communities come first in the education technology and innovation roadmap. We strive to imagine how technology becomes a tool that facilitates and improves education and is first made available to those that need it the most.
Our manifesto:

—— We believe that education is not a choice, it is a right.

—— We not only want to speak about change, we want to lead it.

—— We want to be an important part of the changing educational journey.

Welcome to our movement

Here are the non-profit organisations that have joined our manifesto:

—— Promotes initiatives that improve opportunities for children through inclusive, digital, innovative and quality education.
We undertook an innovative exercise to map relevant AI learning analytics and LMS initiatives for Fundación Telefónica to deploy more effective and impactful programs in different parts of the world. One deliverable was an insightful document regarding AI that ultimately informed future LMS requirements.
—— Studio dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality kid’s content that is inclusive and entertaining.
We facilitated conversations with the Ministry in Lebanon as well as local private school chains to deploy initiatives both for the official public system and for refugees.
—— Foundation that promotes the transformation of the world through the development of talent and technology.
We helped promote their growth into the French, German and Latin-American markets, providing guidelines for innovation and for creating engaging digital experiences.
—— A unique award system, that selects and promotes local digital innovation to improve society.
Both EDT&Partners and WSA will work together supporting and promoting the winners of the WSA award category “Learning & Education” by sharing best practices, learning & recommendations.
—— A nonprofit organization committed to providing youth with unconventional educational tools and experiences that help foster critical thinking, creative doing and life-long learning, with a focus on underserved communities.

We give support in three main areas: helping the Foundation with additional partnerships; transforming their initiatives into fully-online, distance delivery by providing impact regardless of covid, and expanding the range of their active initiatives.