EDT&Partners wins two EdTech Awards & two finalist nominations


Leadership Awards 2022 win for Visionary and Finalist for CEO/Founder

The EdTech Awards are the largest and most competitive education technology recognition program in the world, so the wins and nominations for our global education consulting firm reaffirm our role in the EdTech space as trailblazers, game-changers, and thought leaders. Two members of our consulting team were recognized in the EdTech Digest’s EdTech Awards Leadership category. Fernando Valenzuela, Partner LATAM, was the Leadership Award 2022 winner for Visionary, and Pablo Langa, Founder and Managing Partner was a finalist in the CEO/Founder category. They have been recognized for being innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in K-12, higher education, and workplace learning. 

This forward-looking and pioneering mindset defines both Fernando and Pablo and it is with this clear vision and focus, grounded in their sense of purpose and passion for life and curiosity for the unknown that they have collaborated on a research project for UNESCO and MWC about the The Future of Higher Education. The path of learning to 2050. Signs that reveal the trends to come.  The paper will be released at the upcoming UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022) in May. The conference is bringing together relevant stakeholders to define and prepare a roadmap for a new era of higher education. As contributors to this report, it’s an honor for Pablo and Fernando to be recognized for their leadership and visionary standing.


Exams for Zoom, venture project of EDT&Partners, wins EDTech Award for Cool Tool 2022 New Product or Service category.

Exams for Zoom won the Award for Cool Tool 2022 in the New Product or Service category (2018 or later) and was a finalist in the Testing and Assessment Solution category. Exams for Zoom is a part of EDT&Ventures, which was created to address specific market needs.

With the COVID pandemic came shutdowns and school closures and the overnight shift to online and remote classes. With that change, there were many emerging needs of teachers, students, and institutions that were not being met. An assessment solution was needed for all three. In the assessment space, the options were scarce. Educators were forced to adapt video-conferencing platforms to the classroom, and there were big challenges. For teachers, the challenge was how to effectively administer an exam in a secure, safe, and easy-to-use environment. Students needed a distraction-free, user-friendly and familiar environment where they could perform at their best in an exam. Institutions looked for a flexible, secure, and non-Orwellian solution that also met the needs of their staff and students. These are the problems Exams for Zoom has set out to address.

Exams for Zoom has a small team of dedicated and passionate people who not only have the short-term objectives of the E4Z tool in mind but are conscious and aware of the bigger, existential changes happening in the assessment space. Changes brought about by AI, hybrid settings, MOOCs, online certifications, and more. Exams for Zoom is at the forefront of these changes, and just like the tool we’ve built, we’re monitoring and analyzing the environment to help provide the best possible results.


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