EDT&Partners launches Exams for Zoom


A non-invasive solution for online exams that both institutions and participants can trust, in a familiar Zoom environment. The initiative is led by education technology industry leaders and backed by millions of dollars and years of research.

Today Exams for Zoom announces a solution that marries the simplicity and ubiquity of online video conferencing with the transparent and non-invasive deployment of advanced technologies (with features like sentiment analysis, computer vision, artificial intelligence), with the ultimate goal to better inform and support online assessments.


The secure exams sector has evolved out of necessity, often presented with an almost Orwellian type of control. “We recognized an opportunity to disrupt with a new sub-segment in the online exams industry because both universities and students dislike most proctoring solutions, however they are forced to utilize them for accreditation and certification purposes,” says Pablo Langa, CEO at Exams for Zoom.

“Exams for Zoom provides the foundation for trust, academic integrity and modern assessment methodologies,” said Alan Greenberg, Chief Solution Evangelist at Exams for Zoom and former EMEA head of Education at Apple. The initiative focuses on providing real time, behind the scenes metadata so that great assessment experiences can stand out from average ones, all in a Zoom-like environment that both institutions and participants are familiar with and trust.

Built for Zoom with a global mindset, Exams for Zoom is launching today with a set of industry partners in K12, Higher Education and the corporate space, that combined touch millions of users in different corners of the world. These early adopter partners are helping inform the product roadmap as it heads to its first general availability version later this fall.

As former Global Education Leader at Zoom and current Senior Advisor to Exams for Zoom, Anne Keough Keehn claims that, “There is an increasing need for more sophisticated synchronous use cases in education. We are extremely excited about Exams for Zoom and its simplicity to bring trusted online exams to all, on Zoom.”

The solution has been inspired by European research activities that started in 2016, funded by the European Union with more than $8M USD, involving more than 22,000 participants and 450 faculty in 10 countries (An Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment System for Learning).

Interested institutions, corporations, schools, policy makers and educators can learn more at examsforzoom.com and request further information and product details.

Exams for Zoom
Trust. Academic Integrity. Better Assessments.