Who we are

We are a GLOBAL, purpose-driven consulting firm dedicated to IMAGINING, INSPIRING and IMPROVING education.

We help companies, startups, NGOs and governments in the education space consolidate their international presence, accelerate digital transformation, grow strategically into new territories, connect with strategic partners and support plans for mergers and acquisitions.

Our holistic approach
—— EDUCATION is the greatest tool for change, and its advancement is the best way forward for a brighter future.
—— TECHNOLOGY is the way to transform education, removing limits and barriers.
—— These unusual times require new, INNOVATIVE, cutting edge new solutions. It is the bedrock of our actions, and our solutions are adapted to all types of learning.







—— By anticipating upcoming trends, we can help build a resilient & strong educational foundation for FUTURE generations.
—— We want every action we take to have a positive IMPACT on the world, thus forming the footprint that we would like to leave.
—— Having new ideas and creating imaginative solutions is the best form of CREATIVITY and the basis of critical thinking to build the education of the future.

Global vision,
local thinking.

We are experts with vast international experience and extensive knowledge of the local regions. Therefore, we connect our clients with the regional reality while giving a global perspective.


  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Brazil


  • Spain
  • UK
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Qatar
  • Lebanon


  • Singapore
  • China
  • India
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Our team

The firm is made up of an international and diverse team of industry recognized experts, with presence on four continents and extensive experience in the education and technology sectors. The unique perspectives of the team provide us a global vision and great knowledge of the local environments.

Roy Saab

Partner EMEA

Ana Isabel Calvo

Director & Partner EMEA & LATAM

Josep M Mas

Partner APAC

Pablo Langa

Founder & Managing Partner

Michael Klemm

Venture Partner APAC

Hussein Ayoub

Director MEA

Claudia Pastor

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Cuellar

Project Manager & Operations LATAM

Danniela Durán

Senior Consultant LATAM

David Selma

Technical Product Lead

Chris DeMarino

Venture Partner CHINA

Mahmoud Ayoub

Full Stack Developer

Raquel Sease

Marketing Specialist

Sergio Gurillo

Software Developer

Leandro Pugliese

Director of Impact Growth & Partner

Sunil Mohan

Senior Consultant, South Asia

Hermann A. Petersen

Senior Consultant LATAM

Cristina Sun

Operations Analyst

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