We believe in a better education.

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory,

tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

                                                          – Sun Tsu, Ancient Chinese Military strategist

Education Technology Insight

EdTech snapshot

EdTech is the fuel of the global knowledge economy. 2016 is the time of Education Technology. EdTech represents still a diminute portion (around $150bn depending on the source) of the global education and training spending estimated at more than $5tn. The opportunity is huge in an industry many years ready to be disrupted. This is not a knew phenomenon, since Publishing, Music and other industries have gone through similar [...]

Market Considerations for LATAM & Caribbean

A solid regional sales strategy often starts with the selection of focus markets. Occasionally, organisations sub-divide territories in different tiers depending on the level of sales pro-activity and investment they are budgeting. More frequently, organisations hand-pick the countries they are going to look after pro-actively in a given territory and deploy a much more reactive approach towards opportunities outside the core geographical locations. Market prioritization is [...]

Business Development as a Service

International Business Development as a Service is one of the key frameworks we use at EDT Partners to help your organization grow internationally. The concept is rather simple, after a thorough analysis and thoughtful strategy definition, together, we identify the key business development actions that will have the most impact for your revenue and new client acquisition activities. Strategic consulting on business development is our [...]

What we believe

  • Technology is a catalyst for better education
  • Education is global. There are no boundaries or frontiers
  • It is never too early to leverage international opportunities
  • The local and culture insight is critical for regional success
  • The world is too big to tackle it alone
  • Strategy execution is everyone´s responsability