Unprecedented opportunity in the Global Education Technology space

Education Technology represents roughly $150bn, or around a 2,7%, of the overall $5.5tn education and training spending worldwide. Like it has already happened with other industries, education is going through a transformation and digitalisation stage. Growth estimations for the EdTech industry are estimated at a 17% CAGR when analyzed globally. There are regions with expected YoY growth of more than 30%.

We help you extend your reach and strategically maximize this opportunity without the complexities and steep capital investment required to establish individual operations per region.

We acknowledge that consulting firms cannot be great at everything. This is the reason we are fully dedicated to technology for education. We work exclusively with Education Technology companies in their specific sub-categories within the edtech ecosystem.

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EDT partners with you to help with your international expansion strategy, providing regional expertise and thought leadership and ad-hoc support to cover any gaps your international structure may have. We help you prioritize regions, define go-to-market strategies, identity key local partners, talent and opportunities.

EDT Partners EdTech portfolioipad

  • International sales operations optimization
  • Market prioritization
  • Partner recruitment and enablement
  • Marketing and event support
  • Sales sprints
  • Headhunting
  • PEO & Outsourcing
  • Interim sales management
  • Tender management and response
  • Hosting, privacy and security planning
  • Product localization and translations


Support in 30+ countries

We put to work our Global edtech experience together with thoughtful and insightful local execution from local education experts.


Laser focus on your specific growth needs.

With our International Business Development as a Service framework we close the gap in between the work of traditional consulting firms and sales outsourcing firms. We provide just the right level of consulting analysis and strategy to then hand-hold you through execution and results.

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